ABOUT US - GLASS-MAL T.A. Malawscy s.c. was founded as a family business in 1998. Currently, it is a group of creative and innovative family companies with 17 years of experience, specializing in patch fitting of glass in its own system named SPINIG. We pay special attention to the quality and aesthetics of details. We are constantly looking for new, bold design and technological solutions to meet the visions of architects and the expectations of investors in the country and abroad.

Our offer consists of comprehensive, professional execution of the commissioned works from a detailed executive design through construction to the completion of the installation process.

For years we have been providing architects, contractors and investors with our advice and experience.

The GROUP consists of:

     GLASS-MAL s.c. - T. A. Malawscy
     GLASS-MAL BIS - Andrzej Malawski
     GLASS-MAL SYSTEM - Maciej Malawski
     GLASS-MAL PLUS - Bartosz Malawski

We specialize in designing, manufacturing and assembling various types of all-glass architectural forms fitted in our own glass patch fitting system called SPINIG, the production of which takes place in Poland in accordance with the ITB Technical Approval no. AT-15-8292/2010 and the Certificate of Factory Production Control no. ITB-0484/Z.

Our offer also includes a Fire Resistant GMDV REI 60 Glass Ceiling which has the ITB fire resistance classification no. 1569/12/ZOO NP. Individual sheets of the glass ceiling may have a maximum size of 1200x2000mm allowing for the creation of large glass surfaces with minimum bearing structures.

During over 17 years of conducting business, the GROUP has built experienced teams of designers, manufacturers and assembly workers with many years of practice. They are able to undertake the execution of virtually any architectural vision.

Hundreds of ambitious and difficult projects completed in collaboration with leading architectural studios and construction companies throughout Poland and abroad confirm our abilities. The process of designing, manufacturing and assembly meets the requirements of the PN-EN1090-2 standard, which is confirmed by the Certificate of Factory Production Control 0035-CRP-1090-1.00727 TŰV Rh.2014.001. It complies with regulation (EU) no. 305/2011 and allows for marking products with the CE mark.

Thanks to years of intensive efforts to expand the company, and thanks to our staff of experienced and dedicated employees as well as our production facilities, the GLASS-MAL GROUP has become a significant and sought-after brand in the country and abroad. This is also the result of courage in constant search for innovative technologies and ambitious architectural forms.

We are a trusted partner of many renowned architectural studios, construction companies and investors.


To ensure the highest quality of products the GROUP produces them in-house. All manufactured metal parts of the SPINIG glass patch fitting system covered by the ITB Technical Approval no. AT-15-8292/2010 are subject to the Factory Production Control in accordance with the Certificate ITB-0484/Z. Production of the supporting structures made of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum is covered by the Factory Production Control in accordance with the FPC Certificate 0035-CPR-1090-1.00727 TUV Rh.2014.001 according to regulation (EU) no. 105.2011.

The Workshop's staff has years of experience and all permissions required by construction law.

The Workshop is equipped with a wide range of machine tools for the processing of metals. We have, among others, Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machines and aggregates for welding carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum, allowing us to ensure the highest quality of our products.


Products that require paint coating are powder coated in the required color from the RAL palette. Painting is preceded by an appropriate surface preparation in the process of blast cleaning, sand blasting, shot blasting, glass blasting or chemical bath. Proper surface preparation prior to applying paint coating is a basic prerequisite for good adhesion to the surface, and thus the durability and aesthetics. The process of powder coating is conducted in accordance with the technical requirements of the QUALICOAT quality label.
The Paint shop is equipped with two lines for powder coating. The maximum dimensions of the painted detail are 1.60m x 2.40m x 14.00m with a maximum permissible weight of up to 700kg. Blast cleaning of metal surfaces takes place in a special chamber measuring 3.00m x 2.50m x 9.00m supplied with compressed air from a compressors station and equipped with a dust extraction system. The blast cleaning and the powder coating processes are carried out in accordance with applicable environmental regulations and permits held by the company. They are environmentally friendly.


ITB AT-15-8292/2010



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